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June 23, 2012
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"My.....legs....will......DIE!" Pit collapsed with his tongue sticking out. "I want water."

Magnus picked him up and shook him. "MAN UP ANGEL FACE! Palutena isn't here to fly you everywhere so walk like a soldier and drink your spit!" Magnus wasn't pleased.

"Don't you think you're being a little harsh, Magnus?" Asked Lillabeth, looking at Pit with a worried expression.

"Beats me!" He shrugged. "I talk like this to everyone. I was even hard on my own ki-" he paused. "Le-lets keep walking ok...are we almost there?"

Lillabeth frowned. "Yes...we are. And I'm sorry for reminding you, Magnus."

"Hm? About what?" Pit cocked his head to the side.

"No-nothing Pit....just....loss at war that's all." Magnus looked down.

"I'm sorry Magnus. You don't have to tell me if-"


Rosabeth and Pittoo flew into the scene at high speeds.

"Woah! Are you stupid?! What are you doing here?! And why did you bring her?!" Magnus was uneasy.

"Relax! I just had to come! And I decided she would wanna come too! Sooooo I brought her!" Pittoo smirked. "She just wants to see Vi-I mean Jiijii's flowers."

"F-fine.....Keep an eye on her....we're far from the village and there can be anything out here!" Magnus crossed his arms.

"Don't worry Magnus!" Lillabeth reassured him. "There is never any trouble around here!"

"Is anyone else surprised that Icarus has wings?!" Lillabeth just noticed.

"You just noticed, mommy?" Rosabeth asked.

"With all this angel nonsense I thought it to be normal....till I thought sane again! WHY DOES HE HAVE WINGS?!"

"He's an angel like Pit mommy! Infact he's like his twin brother!"

Lillabeth looked at Pit, than Icarus ".....nope....I don't see the resemblance."

Pittoo took a feather and put it behind Lillabeth's ear. "Calm down lady......" He began growling.

A group of Kerons and Miks had showed up.

"The UnderWorld Army?!" Pit and Magnus said in unison.

"Relax. It's only a few Miks and Kerons, these guys are small time." Pittoo laughed.

"Right. Because I have no weapons, I'm no longer an angel, your a winged dog, and welllll seems like Magnus is the only one that could do anything right now." Pit chuckled.

"Duh.." Magnus sighed. "Fine, I'll kill these boring weaklings while you get closer to Jiijii!"

All but, Magnus, ran forward, hoping not to find any UnderWorld Troops. Magnus was quite enjoying himself, actually. The enemies were weak but, he missed fighting and this was enough to please him.

"What a bunch of war noobs!" Laughed Magnus. "Pft! Now to get back to my group!" Magnus flung the sword across his shoulder and leisurely jogged towards the direction of his group, only to be found jogging in the same place, endlessly.
"What the hell is this?" He began running and found himself going nowhere. To his surprise, Hades himself appeared right in front of him and stared into his eyes as he spoke,

"Hello there, Magnus-Wagnus! You have been too much of an asset to Pitty-Pit and I simply cannot let such strength and information go to waste!"

"N-never!" Shouted Magnus. The gleam in Hades' eyes had some sort of control over him. He was being mind controlled!

"Now....I knew you would say that!" Laughed Hades. "So that is why I shall offer you a grand daddy of a deal!"

"No deal of yours will interest me!"

"Oh? Not even the deal to restore the life of your beloved child?!"

Hades has hit a nerve. Magnus was always suffering for the loss of his child. The thought was always in his mind. He was torn between two worlds now....side with Hades to get his son back, or resist and help his was such a sensitive choice, he did not know what to do. However, with Hades' glare, Magnus made up his mind.

"V-vincere.....Hades....I shall assist you....IF you allow me to assist you, along side of Vincere!"

"Very well.....Magnus.....your soul is MINE!" With a terrible light, Hades grabbed Magnus and drained him of his soul, and used it to revive Vincere.

"S-son!" Magnus was overcame with tears, to see his long departed son, before him.

"Father! The Tempura Wizard! It ate me! Why am I here? And with Hades?" Vincere was a 17 year old boy, with tan skin like Magnus, short black spikey hair, dark purple eyes, a muscular body, a tattoo on his right arm of a flame, and clothes very similar to Magnus, his weapon was a very long blade, it wasn't nearly as big and heavy as Magnus' but it was impressive.

"We must bear with it for now son...."

"This is it" Lillabeth said with a smile. "Jiijii's tent!"

"Finally!" Pit groaned and fell.

"It was no big deal. I went the whole way with Rosabeth on my back." Laughed Pittoo.

"YOUR A FLYING DOG! I'M A BOY!" Yelled Pit. "And hey where is Magnus?"

"Oh I'm sure he is well on his way." Replied Lillabeth.

When they entered, Pittoo and Pit were shocked. Viridi was humming, singing, and dancing around the tent, smelling a rose. She seemed....NICE!

"This is clearly Hades' doing....I've seen it all. Game Over. I'm just gonna leave." Pit said in a plain voice. He just couldn't believe this.

"Shh! This is perfect! She won't remember what happened to her, cause of my weakness....don't remind her yet!" Pittoo pleaded.

"Remind me of what?" Viridi asked. (Her name is now Jiijii but, that's cause she lost her memory. I'm sure when she regains it back she will be embarassed. But, for the sake of things, I will narrate her as Viridi)

"How did you understand that?!" Pittoo was shocked.

"Oh it's just a gift! I can talk to animals and make any plant grow! It's so delightful!" Viridi cupped her hands.

"It's not a gift. You're the Go-"

"Shut up Pit!" Cried Pittoo. "Not yet! I can't let her remember and see me in dog form! She'll remember about the incident for sure!"

"What are you talking about?" Pit was getting annoyed.

"Why are you guys making a big fuss over Jiijii?" Rosabeth asked.

"I'm wondering the same thing." Added Lillabeth.

"Long story!" Pit and Pittoo said in unison.
PART 6: [link]

PART 8: [link]

SORRY FOR THE LONG A** WAIT! PART 7 EXHISTS NOW! I was playing Uprising yesterday, and I was reading stuff on the Kid Icarus wikia and learned pretty cool stuff and thought of an awesome way to use some of that knowledge here!

NOW! THERE IS NO INFORMATION GIVEN ON MAGNUS' CHILD OR HOW HE LOST HIM/HER! I am too lazy to pull out exactly what is said, but in Magnus' idol thingy in Uprising, it is stated that Magnus looses a child to the UnderWorld army. NOTHING ELSE! So Vincere and everything about him has NOTHING to do with anything outside of this fanfiction. He isn't factual, Magnus indeed lost a child, but that is all we know.

Now, I decided to name Magnus' son, Vincere for it means "defeat" in Latin. In the wikia I learned that "Magnus" means "great" in Latin. Since Vincere is defeated and killed by the Underworld Army, I gave him the name of defeat, in the same language as Magnus' name.

Hope you guys like it! And again, sorry for the wait! O.O
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Magnus! Nooooo! :ohnoes:

I like the concept of Vincere, mainly with the background information you read about in the KI wikia and finding out Latin meanings.
Hades sure does like family reunions, eh (like in Ch.10 when he talks of bringing back a girl's parents).
TipToeDynamo Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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